Straight Talks

Straight Bible Talks

The Programmes that are broadcast by CLM Media are Bible-based

CLM Media Pro is bringing you information about God's plan for your life, irrespective of whatever language background or culture you come from. As people say "Knowledge is power". The greatest information that you can receive is the message that helps you to discover your identity and purpose. The next type of information that is most useful is the knowledge of how you can become successful in life.

A third most important form of information you can receive is the type of information that motivates you to do take advantage of the opportunities that are open before you to enable you to become what God intended you to be

Key Bible-Based List


The Bible and You
A programme that helps you to know the power of the Bible.


Christian Principles for Living
An inspirational & encouraging Message


The Righteous Way in Different Languages
Stories in Wollof, Mandinka, Arabic.


Bible Passages in different languages
Mandinka, Jola, Krio, Arabic, Fula.


Wollof Broadcasts from Senegal
Tune in to Wollof Programmes from Senegal.



CLM Media Pro produces and plays your music. The Genre is mainly Gospel and Inspirational music.


CLM Media Pro produces and airs your plays. Dramatize your message to educate your audience.


CLM Media Pro advertises your programmes and shows. Let people know about your events, products and services


CLM Media Pro provides you the opportunity to sharpen your Bible skills via quizzes and competitions